Year 2021 Welcome Word and Prayer

I congratulate you for stepping in to the year 2021 gloriously. Congratulations!!! I welcome you into 2021 in the name of our Lord and redeemer Jesus Christ.
This year you will enjoy the HELP OF GOD!. You will TESTIFY until you can no longer count anymore in the name of Jesus Christ. Every area of your life will experience divine help from God and God through people around you not by begging for it but by the spirit of the favour and Grace of God that will compel people that matter to leave their matter to attend to your matter in the name of Jesus Christ. 

WELCOME TO YEAR 2021 AGAIN. You will not be sick, neither will your child or children be sick, i pray that your spouse will never be sick. This year I decree that no weapon formed against you, and any member of your household will prosper in Jesus name. I cover you all with the power, and anointing in the precious name of Jesus Christ. 

I declare your hands blessed to prosper financially this year. I speak with power in Christ to your hands that whatever you do this year will bring to you success in Jesus name. 
Your going out and coming inside of your house and business or work place is secures by the blood of Jesus Christ this year. Your sleeping and waking up is divinely secure From evil in Jesus name this year. No evil shall come near you and your dwelling place in Jesus name. Grace to serve God faithfully and rewardably this year 2021 receive it in Jesus name.

You are blessed today and forever in Jesus name. Congratulations! And happy new year you. 
ENJOY the best of the best in 2021 in Jesus name. Glory to Jesus! Amen.

J e s u s I s L o r d

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