About Us

Light Arena Ministries is all about reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Helping the people around the world to know Jesus, Grow Faith in Him and make them walk in the liberty Christ Jesus has obtained for us through His resurrection.

We are all commissioned with this mandate to reach people and touch people, equipping them to serve and fulfil the mandate of God upon their lives. Hallelujah! Our goal is to reach millions of people daily with the good news of the gospel of Christ and letting them know about His love for them.

Our gospel is simply the gospel of Jesus Christ which brings hope, joy, peace and love. Above it all about changing lives especially the sinners to be saved. Great testimonies from numbers of people have poured in to share how their lives, relationships and careers have been blessed and radically transformed as they hear the gospel of Jesus Christ through us.

By His grace our ministry is established in Kenya and also in Nigeria. You are welcome to worship with us weekly and I am very sure that by the GRACE of our Lord Jesus CHRIST you will be grateful you did.

Worshiping with us will enable you to hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ which is the Gospel of TRUTH – John 8:32. Actually it is good we get very careful about what we hear – Mark 4:24.

You have probably must have heard this phrase “You are what you eat” before now and people do use it or made the statement that is made in reference to food. However, It can also be applied spiritually and to the things we “feed” our spirits on a daily basis.

This is very important, we must be careful of how we hear, we must be very careful of what we feed our spirit that is where the FAITH is birthed. Just as the foods we eat are responsible for sustaining our physical bodies and keep us in good health. Likewise, the prosperity of our souls depends on the spiritual food we feed on.

You are blessed forever in Jesus name

Pastor Bakare Stephen

Lead Pastor